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Time of EURO 2012

For Ukraine EURO 2012 was an unforgettable bright holiday and at the same a real challenge for organizers. Since the moment it was announced that Ukraine is one of the two countries to host EURO 2012, large-scale preparations have started. Four Ukrainian cities – Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv and Donetsk – were undergoing considerable renovations in order to meet UEFA requirements.

Main efforts were aimed at construction and renovation of stadiums and sporting establishments. By the end of 2011 four stadiums were capable to hold EURO matches: Olympic Stadium in Kiev with capacity of about 70 000 seats, Donbass Arena in Donetsk for more than 50000 people, Arena in Lviv with 33 000 seats and Metalist Stadium in Kharkiv for over 41 000 football fans.

Infrastructure of these four cities has undergone great changes in order to provide accommodation and other vital facilities for millions of tourists during EURO 2012. Highways, hotels, restaurants, cafes as well as other essential establishments were renovated to satisfy the needs of numerous guests from abroad. New terminals were opened in Ukrainian airports to provide comfortable arrival and departure for foreign football fans.

Just before EURO 2012 subway lines started to announce the names of stations in English, plus numerous sings in English were placed around the city for comfortable navigation. Thousands of volunteers accompanied foreign football fans during their stay in Ukraine. Services of escort agencies were in great demand during EURO 2012. Specially trained escort girls worked as professional guides in overcrowded Ukrainian cities. Guidance of escort girls offered best ways to get familiar with local environment, visit night clubs and places of interest. Foreign guests admitted that they were impressed by warm hospitality of Ukrainian citizens and left Ukraine with unforgettable memories.

Special attention should be paid to the achievements of Ukrainian football team. As the host country Ukraine teams was automatically qualified for EURO 2012, and it was Ukrainian debut in such championships. In the opening game against Swedish team, Ukraine impressed fans by victory 2–1. But despite all the efforts of Ukrainian team it was eliminated after two losses in Donetsk: to France (0–2) and to England (0-1). Final match was held between Spain and Italy in Kiev where Spain defeated the opponent 4-0 and became the winner of EURO 2012.

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