Tourist guide

Safety tips for foreigners

For a foreigner, who is in Ukraine for the first time, it may be quite difficult to adapt. Language barrier, some cultural differences - all these things may be problematic. It would be highly recommended to find someone who can accompany you while your stay in foreign country, and escort girls can be a good company. They can show you the city and help you to avoid most common mistakes that foreigners make.

There’s useful precaution measure to undertake before trip. Scan all your important documents: green card, passport, etc, and then upload them into any storage device you have with you and also send it to your personal e-mail. Also it's recommended to leave this scans to some of your relatives. Such measure will reduce difficulties if your documents are lost or stolen while your stay in Ukraine. Take more than one credit card with you, as you never know which card will be accepted by Ukrainian ATM, shops and eateries.

It’s strongly recommended to avoid using services of prostitutes from street. Only reliable Kiev escort agencies can provide you with high-quality Kiev escort services and offer you honest and professional escort girls. For first time visitors it is recommended to join organized travel tours, or hire professional Kiev escort girls. Final recommendation - if you plan to go out without Kiev escort, do not forget to tell where you’re going and when you should return.

Also you should avoid wearing expensive jewelry and keeping much cash when you are out, take money that will be enough for daily expenses. You should not display your cash in public places, just take enough cash for your immediate expenditures, and leave your cash, expensive jewelry and other valuables in the hotel.

Do not buy expensive jewelry or other costly goods on street, because there’s high possibility to buy goods of inappropriate condition. It’s better to visit certified shops and receive help of professional shop assistants. In order to prevent health disorders one should consume only bottled drinks, meals in eateries, and food from supermarkets.

Remember that in case of some trouble you can always turn to local police – in Ukraine it’s called “milicia”. You can get in touch with police department in Ukraine by telephone number 02. Also you can turn to Ukrainian policemen, who patrol on streets. If you get in conflict with someone, for example drunk person, it’s better to turn to police as soon as possible.

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