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Features of weather

For those who plan to visit Ukraine it's important to learn about the weather throughout all seasons of the year and in different regions. Following information will help the travelers to choose the most suitable clothing for certain destination and period of stay in Ukraine.

In general climate and weather in Ukraine can be classified as continental, but moderated by the Black Sea.  Summer and winter seasons are quite temperate in regions that are close to the sea coast and are rather harsh inland. Climate conditions in Ukraine are less stable and harsher than in other countries of Western Europe.

Ukrainian winters are much longer and colder; snow cover is thicker than in Western Europe. Coldest winters are in the northern regions of Ukraine. In the west winter season is milder than in the eastern Ukraine. In the south region winters are rather mild and with little snow. January traditionally is the coldest month with -3°C for south regions and about -8°C for other parts. Severe frosts sometimes take place in January or February, when temperature reaches -30°C.

The summer lasts 120-150 days and is warm and sunny. July usually is the hottest summer month with average temperature 23°C for the south part of Ukraine and 19°C for the other regions.

Autumn and spring seasons are rather short - the volume of rain increases and it’s often foggy in these seasons of the year. Spring seasons have average temperature about 0°C, but frosts often occur during the first part of spring. Spring begins in Crimea, than moves to southwestern regions, and after several weeks warm spring weather involves the rest of the country.

Kiev has continental climate with hot summer seasons, cold winters, brief autumns and springs. Crimea is a popular destination for vacations, which attracts millions of tourists from Ukrainian cities and from abroad. The explanation is that this part of Ukraine has picturesque nature and Mediterranean-type climatic conditions.

Although Ukrainian weather conditions are rather harsh and not that mild than in the other European states, hospitality of Ukrainian citizens fully compensates this discomfort. If you are new to Ukraine, you can take advantages of services of escort girls. Ukrainian escort agencies can provide you with Kiev escort girls who would accompany you as a guide and become an interesting and attractive companion while long frosty winter night and sunny summer days.

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