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To be healthy while travelling

According to the law health care services in Ukraine are provided for free, unfortunately the quality of these services is rather low. The good news is that there are lots of private medical institutions, which are ready to provide foreigners with high-quality medical care for reasonable fee. Personnel in such private clinics can speak English, thus it won’t be difficult to solve any problem regarding health.

In case of some emergency, one can easily find contact information of local private clinics in telephone directory or on the web. If you hesitate about which medical institution to choose, you should ask some native citizen for advice. Services of escort girls will be invaluable in this case - attractive girl from escort agency can recommend you a list of reliable local medical institutions and also accompany you while you visit to the doctor, if necessary. Keep in mind that there’s an emergency contact number of ambulance – 03. You can call this number for free from any telephone throughout the country.

No matter if you are absolutely healthy or have some medical disorders, it would be safer to have a reliable native person from Kiev escort near you. Kiev escorts girls from Ukrainian escort agencies are at your service at any time of the day and night, so if you hire one of these beautiful Ukrainian escort girls, you will get a professional guide in foreign environment.

Here are some useful health-related tips for those who plan to visit Ukraine. In today's world to travel without health insurance is a high risk, as medical emergency can happen to everyone of us, and urgent medical care expenses will be unavoidable. So health insurance is absolutely compulsory when you plan a trip to Ukraine.

Among safety tips for traveling will be preliminary vaccination, so visit your GP prior to the trip, tell him where you’re going, ask what vaccines should be done. You shouldn't visit your doctor the last day before departure, as some vaccines need 6-weeks to get into action.

Here are some precautions to take into consideration while stay in Ukraine. Do not drink tap water - drink only boiled or bottled water. Avoid eating food on streets, it’s more safe to have meals in restaurants and cafes. Foreign cuisine may cause diarrhea, so make sure that you have anti-diarrhea pills at hand. Difference in climate may lead to some slight health disorders, so if your condition worsen, you should seek for medical help immediately.

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