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Visa requirements

The number of foreign travelers in Ukraine is consistently growing. Every year several new countries are added to the list of countries whose citizens travel to Ukraine. Some stay in Ukraine for business, others for entertainment, a tremendous quantity of foreigners are studying in Ukrainian educational institutions.

If you plan to visit Ukraine for the very first time it’s highly important to learn all the details about visa requirements. Last year new regulations concerning visas for foreign travelers that enter Ukraine had been approved by Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers. Process of receiving visa was significantly simplified reducing all paperwork required for entering Ukraine.

Now citizens of the USA, European Union, Liechtenstein, Swiss Confederation, Japan and Canada do not need to get visas to enter Ukraine. This rule is valid for a stay, which lasts not more than 90 days. The total stay period without visa shouldn’t exceed 90 days per 180 days from the time of first entry to Ukraine.

If you travel visa-free, you should check your passport’s validity. It strongly recommended to have six-months validity. In addition it’s highly important to confirm that there are at least three blank pages in your passport for stamps that confirm departure and arrival.

Visas are required for foreigners who visit Ukraine for the purpose of permanent residency, employment, study, or for some other purpose if they remain in Ukraine for the period that is longer than 90 calendar days.

The visa fees are also reduced since the approval of new law in September, 2011. Single entry visa now costs 85 USD, double entry visa can be obtained for 130 USD, and the price of multiple entry visa is 200 USD. If one needs visa urgently, the fee will be doubled.

For tourist trip one needs confirmation from hotel or tour operator. For business trip - an invitation from Ukrainian tourist company. For private visits a friend or relative in Ukraine should get official invitation from the local Department of Visas and Registrations.

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