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Flavors of national food

Ukrainian cuisine is known for its incredible flavors and great diversity. One of the most impressive Ukrainian dishes is borsch. It is a slowly cooked bouillon based soup with a variety of vegetables – beetroot, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, garlic, parrot, onion. Thick red borsch is mainly served with sour cream and pampushki (buns with garlic).

Salo is truly the national Ukrainian food, and many jokes and anecdotes about Ukrainians are about this dish. Salo is slabs of pork fatback with skin – salted and sometimes smoked. Salo is often served with a little slice of rye bread and garlic and considered an excellent snack for Ukrainian vodka named horilka or gorilka.

Gorilka is traditional Ukrainian alcoholic beverage. Usually it’s distilled from wheat grain, but sometimes from potatoes, sugar beets and honey. Pertsivka is a type of gorilka, it’s actually gorilka with chili peppers and sometimes honey.

Vareniki is another delicious food of Ukrainian cuisine. Vareniki are boiled dumplings available with a tremendous diversity of fillings: fruit fillings (cherries, apples, plums, raspberry, etc), vegetable fillings (stewed cabbage, boiled potatoes), and other fillings (minced boiled meat, cottage cheese, boiled beans, boiled rice with eggs). Vareniki are served with sour milk; vegetable and meat vareniki may be served with fried onion.

Another extremely appetizing Ukrainian food is golubtsi – rice and meat wrapped in cooked cabbage leaves and then baked. Deruni or draniki are delicious dish of Ukrainian cuisine, they are pancakes made of roughly grated raw potato, sometimes with fried mushrooms. Draniki are especially delicious with sauce made of sour milk and finely cut garlic.

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Among main non-alcoholic Ukrainian beverages are kompot and kvas. Kompot is made of fresh or dried fresh berries and fruits boiled in sweet water. Kvas is an extremely refreshing sweet-and-sour beverage, which is brewed from dried rye bread, yeast and sugar.

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