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A choice where to stay at

Due to high flow of guests from abroad, hospitality industry in Ukraine is rapidly increasing its scale of activity and quality of services. Today there are many types of lodging offered for foreign guests in Ukraine. The optimal way to choose appropriate lodging is to be guided by native Ukrainian person, and if you have nobody to turn for advice, you can hire escort girls from some reliable agency. She will be a helpful guide in unknown environment and a pleasant companion at the same time.

In Ukrainian cities there’s a wide range of hotels of various types from budget-friendly to luxury ones. Hotels are divided into standard categories with 5-star hotels being the most expensive and luxurious. The price of overnight stay depends on a variety of factors: the range of facilities available, view from the windows, design and quality of furniture, etc.

Hostels are a widely-spread type of accommodation in Ukraine, but it’s mostly intended for the students. Hostels typically have corridor structure - with rooms on two sides of long corridor. As a rule only one bathroom and one large kitchen is available per floor. Price of stay in hostel is rather high.

Private apartments and guest houses are an excellent substitution for hotel accommodation. If you like privacy, home comfort, if you prefer to cook meals on your own and need a kitchen, or if you simply need cheaper alternative to hotels, in this case private apartments are just for you. The price of this type of accommodation greatly depends on the closeness to the city centre and metro stations. Facilities available and size of apartment also influence the price. On your request the apartment may be cleaned by a maid - sometimes this service is included in total price, sometimes the tenant needs to pay additional fee.

Guest houses are somewhat recent type of accommodation in Ukraine, but they are becoming more and more popular. Homely atmosphere, high level of privacy, competitive prices (when compared to hotel lodging) are the main advantages of staying in guest house. Guest houses look like small hotels but quality of services usually is better.

Finally it should be mentioned that the best way to save on lodging is to deal with home owners directly. If you get in touch with Kiev escort girls, they can recommend you some trustworthy homeowners to deal with, and help to choose accommodation that perfectly suits you needs.

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