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How to be informed and Safety in Foreign Environment

Foreign country is full of exciting discoveries for tourists. Foreigner finds himself in totally strange environment, communicates with many new people, who speak different language and live according to local customs and certain unspoken rules. Foreigner explores many new places and experiences the gamut of new impressions and feelings through the short period of time.

On the one hand, such experience is refreshing and pleasant, on the other hand it’s a real challenge, and unfortunately some unpleasant surprises may take place, if the foreigner is not informed about local customs and traditions. In order to prevent any misunderstanding and make up a deficiency of information about Ukraine, its customs and culture, it’s highly recommended to read the material in this section.

No matter what you are concerned about, here you will find exhaustive information on any subject: helpful safety tips, accommodation and transportation guides, description of Ukrainian food, overview of local health care services, general information about climatic conditions in different regions and requirements for entering Ukraine, etc.

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