Kiev travel guide

Kiev Art Museums

Being on a tour to Kiev, a city which isn't only the Ukrainian capital, but also its main cultural center, you should without any doubts visit some very important places. They're able to reproduce the special atmosphere of the very ancient city, and tell about its history, traditions and culture.

In Kiev there's a plenty of museums and various art galleries, which will show you the historical and cultural values of the country. Those who go on tour to the Ukrainian national art treasures will have a unique opportunity to see and to learn the rich culture of this country beginning from the ancient times and up to the present. There are over 60 museums in Kiev, so every person can choose something depending on his/her taste. The most popular are

  • Museum of Western and Oriental Art. It also has the second name after two famous people Bogdan and VarvaraKhanenko on the private collection of which it was founded. It keeps the richest collections (about 17 000 art works) of foreign art.
  • Museum of Cultural Heritage was open in 1999. It shows the works of the Ukrainians who are living abroad. This museum is arranged in the old restored house and involves eight halls.
  • National Art Museum of Ukraine. The tour to this place will tell you a lot about the concept of the professional art and ethnographical applied art in Ukraine.
  • State Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Artsurely involves the largest folk art collections among the countries of former USSR.

Everybody decides for him/herself  with whom to go on a tour to such places – a tour guide (who just provides with a certain block of information) or with escorts who, unlike the teachers of history (which fill your memory with data and numerous facts) prefer to give you the information that is interesting for you. Escorts may discuss with you any topic and offer some additional services. Escorts can be found online, or by phone.

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