Kiev striptease clubs

Solid Gold

Most Kiev strip clubs are ready to offer its guests worthy show programs, but there is an audience that wishes the contemplation of beautiful girls apart to be in atmosphere of straight luxury. Kiev strip clubs "Solid Gold" is a place for the true gentlemen. A glass of gin with ice, cigar and sexual escort girls is the true rest for the people of high life.

Kiev strip clubs "Solid Gold" is an establishment that disposes of rooms for VIP persons, chill out zones and places with luxury restaurants. All was planed for the satisfaction of high specter desires. An excellent décor of rooms was made in different styles and it creates an effect of elitism of Kiev strip clubs "Solid Gold".

 Gentlemen club "Solid club" is situated in the centre of Kiev and it is a neighbor of numerous hotels, restaurants, night clubs and other entertaining centres. Arena Class that is in its complex gives a drive life by day and night. A refinement of classic style, luxury of red velvet, gold and crystal creates an atmosphere of stylishness. A company of beautiful escort girls and dancers with choreographic program in Burlesque Show style are embodiment of a spirit and style of true gentlemen clubs. In "Solid Club" one can always orders a private dance and seclude oneself with any liked dancer. An author sushi cuisine is presented for the most exigent gourmets. A splendid variety of elite drinks helps to create and atmosphere of true holiday. In the daytime Kiev strip clubs "Solid Gold" holds the classes "Four elements" that includes seduction, implication, master class of stylist and makeup artist and teaching of Private Dance and Pool Dance.

One can say with certainty that nowadays gentlemen club "Solid Gold" is one of the most respectable and dignified capital clubs. But as one says seeing is believing.

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