Kiev massage salons


We invite you to enjoy the art of erotic massage in massage Kiev salon "Evita".  Erotic massage is one of the famous types of services that is offered by this salon. Erotic massage is the most voluptuous and sensual way of relaxation. That's why it is I such great popularity in comparison with other types of massage. Erotic massage with escort girls in massage Kiev salon "Evita" is bliss, during which an experienced masseuse will gently touch, crush and rub not just your back and neck, but also other parts of the body. For more relaxation, you can order aromatic oils and aphrodisiacs. And, of course, your massage will be accompanied by soft erotic music that plunges you into the mystery of relaxation.

It can start with a simple kiss and seductive striptease. But the end is always that this relaxing massage ensures the influx of new forces and save you from feeling tired. There are several types of erotic massage: classic, foam, aromatherapy, Thai, Tantric and body massage. But each cabin of massage Kiev salon "Evita" has its own distinction, which will be available only during massage.  Cherry tree is one more massage for your body not just for relaxation; the other senses intensify without limits. The reason for this excitement is a cascade of gentle touch of the lips, nose of a delicate girl, and her beauty and femininity. Also during this massage the girls use ice. And when they touch it to your body you will feel the extraordinary pleasure of lung water drops of melting ice, which she gently licks from your intimate places. Such pleasure is not available in all stores. This massage is a price list only in the most prestigious salons a massage Kiev salon "Evita" is one of them.  This massage becomes available for a certain circle of people of high noble and status. When you get a procedure of such massage Kiev salon "Evita" the whole power of your sexuality wakes up, and you forget about all problems and troubles that surround you.

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