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Sky Art Cafe

There are many places in Kiev where you can have a good time with your second half or would just like to have a romantic evening. One of such amazing places is Kiev Sky Art Café. Kiev Sky Art Café is located on the sixth floor of the Center for Contemporary Art called PinchukArtCenter. This institution with a unique design was created by Philip Kyamberta - modern French architect. Kiev escort girls often like to spend pleasant evening with influenced people they accompany. Both escort girls, and businessmen admit that it is really fashionable and good for having a bit rest. The interior of Kiev Sky Art Cafe combines simplicity and sophistication, as if each piece of it says that "everything is made for a pleasant stay, there is nothing superfluous".The room is shaped like the letter "G": a spacious "corridor" and there is a cozy VIP lounge, where you can combine the pleasure of dining with watching movies on the big screen. If you sit at the table in Kiev Sky Art Cafe you are able to have a beautiful view on the central part of the old Kiev from a height of more than one hundred meters, or you can sit on a comfortable sofa next to the bar.

The main feature of Kiev Sky Art Cafe is the ability to get good rest for your "body" and "soul".
For you the best music in the style of «electro» will play a DJ-residents, including Proshe, Mr.Harrisi Rustam-leading radio show «Clubmania», besides it on weekends there take place lectures, evenings of instrumental music, a variety of performances.

And to keep your "body" healthy, creative chefs prepare vegetarian dishes of various cultures. An evening spent in a soothing microclimate will be remembered for a long time.
Another good news from the administration of institution for lovers of a healthy lifestyle - smoking in the Cafe is officially banned. In the warm season in the VIP lounge is opened entrance to the balcony, where smoking is permitted. Come and enjoy a delicious menu of unique relaxing atmosphere of the Sky Art Cafe in downtown of Kiev.

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