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Dating ideas

A date with stars and planets in planetarium

If you want to impress your girlfriend then you must organize an unforgettable date. But if you have no ides we will help you in creation something special. How about romantic evening in Kiev planetarium?? It will the most affectionate and desired evening for two. Amazing world of star sky of Kiev planetarium, light snack, champagne and fruit wait for you. It is the best place for declaration of love; propose marriage or just a way to surprise and make feel happy the loved Kiev escort girl.

Kiev planetarium is modernized and improved and uses the latest achievements of technology progress.  a truly unique and grandiose spectacle are now created based on modern 3D-technologies, which the people of Kiev and visitors will soon be able to see.

 Unique spherical (dome) cinema that was opened In Kiev planetarium is a place where you can watch non-fiction works about the mysteries of the universe and the microcosm, cartoons and feature films in a pleasant company of Kiev escort girl. But the most interesting is an opportunity to observe the constellations, planets, comets and galaxies in real time. With new modern equipment you and your charming escort lady can experience the complexity and beauty of the celestial bodies and phenomena. It will be the most exciting romantic date with Kiev escort  in your life.

Secondly, Kiev planetarium has the only media park rides with interactive touch-panels and touch-screens, filled with multi-function content (a combination of gaming and educational areas) in Ukraine. Now the hall of the Planetarium is completely transformed into a futuristic space with interactive scenery and multimedia entertainments Those people who are hungry can go to the running Space café, where a special offer space menu is in addition to the classic set of drinks and snacks.

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