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The most romantic date in Botanical Garden

Kiev is a big and beautiful city. It has a lot of charming and exciting places where everyone can have a wonderful walk with Kiev escort girl. Everyone has its favorite place in Kiev. In this article one can find full information about all romantic places in Kiev. You will get know where it is better to organize a romantic date with sexual Kiev escort girl, where it is possible to retire or just have a romantic walk.

If you want to organize a special date even in a bad weather or in winter that the romantic evening in Kiev Botanical Garden is the best choice. You will have a great chance to create unforgettable date even in winter in Kiev Botanical Garden. You can make a great surprise for your loved Kiev escort and make a light summer day even in cold weather.

Romantic evening in a greenhouse of Kiev Botanical Garden with a lot of flowers and magic melody of saxophone gives you a gamma of positive and color emotions and feelings. It is the biggest botanical garden in the town and the favorite place of rest not only of Kiev inhabitants but also of its tourists. The collection of magnolia and lilac became the trademark of the town. The territory of Kiev Botanical Garden is divided into unique floristic complexes such as "The forests of plain part of Ukraine", "Ukrainian Carpathians", "Steppes of Ukraine", "Crimea", "the Caucasus", "Middle Asia", "Altai and Western Siberia" and "the Far East". The unique collections of tropic and subtropical plants are presented in the greenhouses with the area of 5000m².   The collection of orchid of more than 350 kinds is one of the biggest here. Azalea and camellia grow in winter at the end of January and during the whole February. White, pink, red, brown, yellow….. One cannot count all hues in Kiev Botanical Garden. All this will adorn your romantic date with loved person. And the romantic dinner in "Tropics" will brighten up your unforgettable winter evening.

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