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Museum of water with real waterfall

In modern world young people who are in love or have some romantic feelings to a person would like to make their dates unforgettable, fascinating, and interesting. It is not enough for them only to go to some café and drink some coffee or tea. It is good that now exists a tendency of spending free time in the places that can give you not only new impressions, but also new knowledge. Kiev escort girls always like to show their guests the capital from its best side. Escort girls do their best to take them to the most unusual places. And it is not very difficult to do as Kiev is really rich in such kind of places. One of them is a worldwide famous Kiev Museum of Water.

Kiev Museum of Water is one of the most unusual museums in Kiev, despite the fact that it is dedicated to the most common substance in nature. Unusual is the building where the museum is located - it is in the water tower, the age of which is more than one hundred years. The main collection of Kiev Museum of Water is located underground. Here visitors can see not only the aquariums, but also a model of artesian wells, which is quite efficient. There is also such a non-trivial piece, like a giant toilet.

In Kiev Museum of Water visitors can get acquainted with the work of such an unromantic construction as manifold. However, there is also much more interesting exhibits - for example, a wonderful grotto. Water is one of the most terrible natural disasters, and its rage you can observe here: for the visitors of Kiev Museum of Water are arranged real storms, not only with the rain, but also with thunder and the lightning bolt. Your romantic companion will hold your hand or hug you in order to hide you from the storm and soothe you. You will go through it together and it will make you closer to each other. And it is so romantic to kiss under the rain. Romantic date in such an incredible place cannot be boring; it will surely leave positive emotions and warm feelings in your hearts and souls.

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