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The greenest city in miniature

The monuments in Park-museum "Kiev in miniature" are so small that people look at their background like Godzilla. It is a favorite picnic spot for children and adults, for romantic dates of people in love and a paradise for family pets. Small dogs like to feel themselves at least sometimes dangerous and impressive. Park-museum "Kiev in miniature" provides a copy of the most significant attractions of Kiev in scale 1:33. The mini-reflection of the capital has its Kreschatik and Maidan, St. Sophia and St. Vladimir Cathedral, the Opera House, railway station, the Mariinsky Palace, the Parliament, parks with monuments, Borispol Airport with 5 aircraft, mini-Dnieper with bridges over it: Moscow, pedestrian, Southern, Bridge station, as well as other notable places of the capital.

When you get tired of city life and would like to be in nature, but do not want to go out of the city, come to the Park-museum "Kiev in miniature". It is located in Hydropark on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper. Park and Museum is the smallest Ukrainian town. Park-museum "Kiev in miniature" is a collection of all the facilities of Kiev with the most popular monuments of architecture, which is made in scale 1:33. The idea of ​​creating such a park was born in 2000, but getting various permits has taken away a lot of time. Park officially was opened on June 23 in 2006.

Creation of a city in miniature is a laborious manual work, which requires the highest skill of craftsmen. 48 models were manufactured from synthetic modern materials that took 4 years. Exhibited models in Park-museum "Kiev in miniature" require care, as they are influenced by the environment. All the time the team is working on this, as well as creates new layouts. There are Khreschatyk, Independence Square, a mini-Dieper with its bridges, monuments, famous personalities, and even the airport. This is a favorite place for Kiev citizens and guests of the city. These parks are located in many countries and are under the patronage of the state and are of national pride. It is really worth visiting and escort girls know it. They always offer their clients to see this wonderful place, because Kiev is so big that one not always has enough time to see all its beauty but would really like to do it. So, this park is a good solution of such problem.

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