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Unusual cinema under open sky

Kiev cinema under open sky it is a friendly meeting, unusual holiday or romantic evening for two. The evening on the beach, warm rugs, candles where all are prepared for light picnic and appearing stars create a pleasant atmosphere for intimate and friendly conversation. A big screen for the true beach cinema is placed at nightfall. One can watches any long-awaited new film, short fanny cartoons, romantic film or good old famous film. All this is possible sitting covered by warm rugs under open sky in a company of pleasant Kiev escort girl or friend.  Kiev cinema under open sky is an original present for loved person.

Today the date in Kiev cinema under open sky is probably a way of bringing diversity into the relationships between two people or the way to impress the loved Kiev escort on the first date. In fact the idea to watch a film under open sky seems to be really attractive and very romantic. 

You can organize a date in Kiev cinema under open sky sitting under the warm rug or in your favorite car. The rules are simple everywhere. You arrive in your own car and buy an entrance ticket and then park.

There are two Kiev cinemas under the sky such as "Kinodrome" and "Drive in theatre"

"Drive in theatre in Kiev" is the first 2D cinema under open sky in the capital. It is a possibility to watch a film with a partner not leaving the car. You can get a mass of pleasure watching a film in a company of loved girl. Beautiful sky and fresh air is a romance and unforgettable evening which you can spend with your lovely Kiev escort girl. Mini bar with a wide range of drinks and food is at your service. The waiter will serve you quickly and deliver your order right to the car.

In "Kinodrome" the films are demonstrated on the screen with size 20×10m and in HD quality. At the entrance to the cinema each visitor gets a menu of auto bar. You need only to switch on fender lights and the waiter will come to you and get your order.

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