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Chestnut Avenue will become the symbol of your love

The fact that the chestnut has long been a symbol of Kiev is known to all. Like the fact that the most beautiful and interesting places in Kiev are associated with these trees. One of these places is a chestnut avenue of Kiev in the Fomin botanical garden. This is one of the most romantic places in the city. It is pleasant to have a walk there in rain or shine. It is a wonderful place for eating ice-cream or have a rest from noisy city in the peace under the shadows of chestnuts. One cannot be in Kiev and not visit and to take delight in the chestnut avenue of Kiev. Kiev escort girls consider it the most romantic place in the capital and often have walks with their clients there. People who come not so often to Kiev and especially foreigners enjoy being there. Kiev escort girls can also tell you much interesting about the place while having a walk. It is believed that on the chestnut avenue of Kiev grow the oldest chestnuts in the capital - the age of some of them is more than half a century. To distinguish these unique specimens one can by their size and powerful crust, covered with cracks. Despite their advanced age, these trees still bloom every spring.

The chestnut avenue of Kiev was founded in 1839, at the same time, when it was decided to create a botanical garden. At first there were planted a few trees and a full-fledged avenue appeared in 1862. Originally it had a form of a ring, but it has violated the construction of the subway station.

In the Soviet era botanical garden has suffered significant damage, since it was opened for easy access. Currently part of it is separated by fence, and on this part is located chestnut avenue of Kiev. You can go for a small fee today there on an excursion. And there is much to enjoy: centuries-old trees are carefully tended, and they appear in all its glory no matter what the weather in Kiev is.

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