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"Bridge of Love" in the city of romance

If you would like to organize a romantic date for your admired person and make it special you should take him or her to the magic place in the capital of Ukraine, the place that is surrounded by atmosphere of love and romance. This exceptional place is the "Bridge of Love" in Kiev. It was opened on November 22, 1910 and it still warmth the hearts of people in love. It was designed by EO Paton. It is one of the first folding metal bridges in the country. Now it is a place where incredibly pleasant to take a walk with your beloved, friend or in hand with charming escort girls. "Bridge of Love" in Kiev is known to many people, but if you come here for the first time from another city or from abroad, escort girls will with pleasure show you this sightseeing.

"Bridge of Love" in Kiev connects the present City Park and Khreshchatyi Park. It is thrown over Peter's alley. In 1983 the old bridge construction was dismantled and transported to the Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky to the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, and by its example was installed a new one. Among native Kiev citizens circulate several names of "Bridge of Love" in Kiev, such as the "Bridge of Lovers," "Bridge of Love," "Devil's Bridge", "Park Bridge" etc. But no matter how you call it, this place is recognized under various names. The main point is that this place has a unique atmosphere and ability with the help of magic or what unite the hearts of people, give warmth to the heart and soul, and make all your dates memorable. This bridge is also a symbol of those who no matter what are ready and do fight for their love.

"Bridge of Love" in Kiev is amazingly romantic, easy, and elegant. It offers a wonderful landscape of the Trukhaniv Island, Darnitsa and Dnipro. This magnificent bridge was created by inspired engineering thought, is another memorable gift of wizard, who could enjoy life and admire the beauty of the young Kiev.

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