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To touch the history together

Among the attractions of Kiev for pleasant romantic and interesting time spending there are not only the monuments and buildings, but also the living witnesses of past centuries - amazing trees of Kiev, whose age is more than several centuries. Amazing trees of Kiev are well known not only to specialists in the sphere of nature and plants but also to people who live in the city. They like to walk near these silent witnesses of old times. If you would like to spend your romantic date unusually with some part of mystery, you can make a tour which will include visits of the most famous and well known trees. Escort girls say that such excursion is very delightful and really interesting especially for foreign guests. Maybe the secret is hidden in the charm and catching stories escort girls can tell their clients. They know the most interesting information about the amazing trees of Kiev.

So, among the amazing trees of Kiev in the city center grows a linden, whose age is 500 years old. During this time the lime has grown to 15 meters and a trunk girth of up to 3 meters. It is believed that this tree is not only old, but also magical. If you go around the lime seven times, your dearest wish must be fulfilled.Widely known is also a lime, which grows in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Legend says that in the hollow of the lime was buried in a monk. Many believe that the Linden has the power to heal, and it always attracts pilgrims. One of the amazing trees of Kiev, which even has its own name, is growing at Kursk Street. Perun oak - that's what it called – it is the last tree of those that were once Shulyavska copse. According to legend, in this grove were carried out many pagan rituals. One of the oaks in Kiev is even protected by the state and has the status of botanical monument. This oak is called Christer oak, and its age, according to botanists, may be 500 or even 700 years old. The height of this wonderful oak, under which Taras Shevchenko was sitting, is 30 meters.

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