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A mysterious date near the House with Chimeras

In Kiev, there is not only a lot of beautiful places, but also many unusual buildings showing which to your girlfriend or boyfriend will be not only romantic, but also new, interesting, fascinating and unusual. One of the most interesting places in Kiev is Kiev house with chimeras, which is located in the heart of the city. If you or your second half likes subtle architecture or everything out of the common or you want to surprise him or her Kiev house with chimeras is the right place to visit. Escort girls can make a pleasant surprise to their clients and tell them the history of the place as it is much more interesting to go there if you know the background. One of the residents of Kiev, a Pole by birth, Vladislav Gorodetsky, decided to pursue in this building his idea of original architecture, which was influenced by his passion for hunting. Kiev house with chimeras was built in the years 1902-1902, and is considered the most unusual building in Kiev not only for its architectural style, but thanks to the original interior. It is believed that the style of the interior is truly unique, and there are no more buildings like this in the world.

The building of Kiev house with chimeras from the very beginning was shrouded by some mystery. One of the legends that surround the house is a legend that it was built in memory of the architect's daughter, who passed away early in life. Some even believe that this event influenced the mind of the architect. However, those who saw the bizarre image of chimeras, dolphins, fish, ships, animals are likely to find them just the fruit of a rich imagination of their creator. Kiev house with chimeras is an unusual place and it attracts exceptional people. It is believed that the place was chosen not by chance, but as a result of a bet: one of the architects argued with him that in such a place one cannot build anything.  But he made it. And now this place is a proof that everything is possible.

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