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Tell about your dreams near the fountain of desires

The question of where to go with a girl in Kiev, worries, no doubt, many young citizens, and everyone decides in its own way. And even for those whose visits of places of interest and long walks in the streets of Kiev resulted in a long-awaited wedding, artists, and the most active and enthusiastic citizens of Kiev have prepared a new gift - Kiev fountain of desires. Many married couples come here often to fulfill their fondest wish - the desire to have a long happy life with your beloved. And people who would like to find happiness in love come to Kiev fountain of desires to make a wish. Often it happens so, that people’s wishes come true right there. It is also an ideal place for having a good time. It is new and not many people know about it, especially those who come to Kiev not so often. But Kiev escort girls know about this attraction and would show you the place and make all your dreams come true.

This unique Kiev fountain of desires is located at St. Michael's Square, on the wall of the city's most expensive hotel. The fountain consists of 21 cups, on which flaunts an image of the goddess of victory Nike. Cups are gilded, and the development of their design was carried out taking into account the design of the hotel. Above each cup is a griffin's head, from which the water flows into the bowl. It is believed that near this Kiev fountain of desires one can make his most cherished wish, and it will be fulfilled. Today it is popular to make photos and, of course, make a wish near the fountain, not only for honeymooners but also for residents and visitors of the capital. Often Kiev escort girls take there their influential clients and offer them to make a wish and then their business deal will be surely successful. So, there is no doubt that Kiev fountain of desires brings luck to those who need it.

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