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Some Myths and Facts about Man’s Size. Part 2.

Another problem which some men are conscious about is the small penis. If it is 5 cm and less, it is considered to be pathologic. As a rule, this problem is diagnosed in the childhood and can be solved with the help of hormonal therapy. Plastic surgery may also be rather effective in this case.

Unfortunately, there are lots of men without any problems who want to enlarge the penis. In this case, it is necessary to say that the problem is not about the size itself. The problem lies much deeper in the patient’s self-assurance. Being physically healthy, some men may have low self-esteem. This psychological problem won’t be solved by plastic surgery. Working as a Ukraine escort I meet such men sometimes. Moreover, any operative measure may cause severe complications in the future; so, think thoroughly.

You may come across different advertisements of magic pills which can easily enlarge your penis’ size. Do not believe this myth. Doctors report that most of them do not work, but they may injure man’s health and influence the hormonal system.

To support your sexual potency you may use special complexes of exercises and massage procedures. Physical training and healthy lifestyle may also help to support the blood circulation and to achieve the high potency as a result. Pay attention to the regularity of your sexual activity. A long standing partner or your hot Ukraine lady will improve its quality.      

Doctors believe that the main problem in relations between two people is not the size of the penis. It is about how these partners match each other, physically and psychologically. Female sex organs differ in depth and width; they may be changing during the lifetime. But every woman can take care of her genitals. For any Ukraine escort special exercises for her vagina are important to support its muscles and their flexibility. Such exercises are beneficial for both: woman’s health and man’s pleasure. So, every woman should take into consideration Ukraine escort’s experience to improve her health and to enlarge the boundaries of her sexual life.

And of course, do not forget about your energetic and psychological connection. Without them your physical state, experience and skills will be meaningless.

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