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Some Myths and Facts about Man’s Size. Part 1.

Sexual sphere is influenced by numerous stereotypes and fictional facts. One of the most spread myths concerns the size of man’s penis. Rather often it is associated with manhood and its size stands for sexual potency. Men possessing penises of bigger size feel more self-assured and attractive. In general, doctors define 3 main sizes of the man’s organ: small (less than 5 cm when erected), normal (5-20 cm) and large (20-23 cm).

Which size do women dream about? Does an ideal phallus exist? In this article we’ll try to highlight the point and break some myths about it.

There are women who dream about having sex with the owner of the large-sized penis. In their imagination such a phallus stands for manhood, strength and energy. In reality, it scares women rather often; not every lady knows how to behave with it.

We asked a lady from Ukraine escort agency to share her experience in having sex with men possessing large-sized penises. Because of the deeper penetration it really brings the highest pleasure to women in any position. The penis’ thickness is also very important. Moreover, gynecologists report that it is beneficial for woman’s health.

On the other hand, our interlocutor who works as a Ukraine girl says that sometimes the man may hurt the woman occasionally, especially if the lady is young and nonparous. To avoid it, women are recommended not to neglect the foreplay because it helps to relax and turn on the body. Also if the woman prefers anal sex, it may cause her some problems; dealing with such a giant won’t be easy.

“Every Ukraine escort meets different men with different penises, - our interlocutor says. – I even have a client with implantation. There can be objects of different shape such as balls, stars or rings under the skin and they make penis look unusual. Men believe that it brings some unforgettable pleasure. But personally for me, there is nothing comparable with a penis of extra size”.

To get the highest pleasure from the men with a large penis take into consideration the golden rule of every Ukraine lady: relax and get ready for the sexual transaction, your emotions and foreplay will help.

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